Cyrus W Smith Portland, OR


During my time at Cabin-Time, I focused on music and songwriting. Bringing with me a travel-size guitar, a baritone ukulele, and a battery-powered keyboard, I produced nine new songs. The melodies and lyrics were generated on walks, around fires, and while perched on boulders high above the canyon floor on the group’s many explorations of the surrounding environment. The songs serve as a record of my experience in the desert, as well as a portrait of our temporary home and community. On our last night at camp, I debuted the suite of songs at a house show we put on at the abandoned stone cabin next to our campsite.

Listen here

Many thanks are owed to the Cabin-Time artists and crew for participating in the creation of these songs with their stomps, whistles and sing-a-longs.

Cyrus W Smith is an artist and musician from Portland, Oregon. When he is not playing guitar, he likes to ride bikes, read books, and sleep under the stars.