Stephanie Dowda Atlanta, GA


Topophilia Green River, Utah is an exploration of the essence of this place. From the canyon walls that house vibrating spirits of past centuries, to the rolling river that feels like a beating heart, to the dusty dusk air that surrounds like eternal desolation–all of these sensations create this place. Walk in any direction, stand still, and the land moves through you. Trigger the shutter and at that moment the light reflects off the rosy rocks, through the pale blue air, into the camera, and in an instant the place is captured; this place is fixed permanently in the shimmering silver.

sense of ancient writings                cavity
shape of eternity                                   sense of nowhere
erasing of light                       cradling
time before time                                       urgency of whisper

Stephanie Dowda dreams in color, collects rocks, and is first co-captain of the Werewolf Hour Explorers Club. Dowda was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and currently works with Get This! Gallery out of Atlanta. Dowda’s work Topophilia, inspired by geographer Yi-Fu Tuan, is an exploration of the essence and secret stories of the natural world.