Cabin-Time is a roaming creative residency to remote places.


Cabin-Time invites artists, designers, writers, musicians, scientists, sign-painters, bird-watchers, cheerleaders, schemers and dreamers to make site-specific work in cooperative intentional isolation. Conscientious environmental stewardship is a core principle of Cabin-Time. Together, we work to set up camp, share chores, cook group meals, and help each other develop our ideas. Cabin-Time hosts residencies annually; the number of creatives invited to each residency varies by location and degree of isolation.


Through work and play that is both off-the-grid and on-the-land, Cabin-Time provides an opportunity for creative experimentation, adventures in landscape, and forever friendships.

Cabin-Time is a year-round labor of love, made possible by the hard working hands of a small crew and large circle of friends.


Geoffrey Holstad

Geoffrey Holstad is an artist, creative director, plein air graphic designer and citizen meteorologist. He loves a strong fun ethic, bad coffee, folk traditions, reading out loud, craft, weather, and the camaraderie right before the frostbite takes hold. That air is straight from Canada, we’re stoked.

Ryan Greaves

Ryan Greaves is an artist, graphic designer, photographer, and forever eagle scout. He enjoys making people smile and is inspired by the absurd, unique and weird. Reason and rationale guide him in his work, but nothing’s perfect.

Mary Rothlisberger

Mary Rothlisberger is a thinker, writer, conversationalist, and relationalist situated in the hinterland of North America.  Her work explores universal issues of relating to one another by sincerely engaging in site-specific action and encouraging an adventurous collective spirit. She believes in small towns, long winters, optimists, parades, and talking about feelings.

Carson Davis Brown
Media Director/Documentarian

Carson Davis Brown is a photographer and filmmaker with a background in design. When he’s not working from home, he’s traveling with friends, meeting new people, and making eggs.

Sarah Darnell
Planner/Ecological Advisor

Sarah Darnell is a science-minded designer living in the sage-scented hills of California. Inspired by honesty and imperfection, she believes that functional solutions, dirty hands, and beautiful days keep the world turning. She is currently designing apparel for Patagonia, figuring out the ocean, and earning blisters.

Nick Stockton

Nick Stockton is a country boy, food lover, and designer of goods. When he’s not in his element putting grub on the table for both friends and strangers alike, you can find him swimming in lakes, foraging in forests, and dreaming of the next adventure.

Charlotte Sullivan
Board Member

Charlotte X.C. Sullivan is an expedition artist working at the Queens County Farm. In operation since 1697, it is the oldest continuously farmed land in New York State and situated on the largest remaining tract of undisturbed farm land in New York City.

Adam Weiler
Board Member

Adam Weiler is an artist, designer, and educator. He is currently serving as the Director of Social Enterprise at the West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology, a non-profit dedicated growing creative capacity and confidence in teens.

Stephanie Dowda
Board Member

Stephanie Dowda is a photographer and organizer working from Richmond, Virginia.