Rose Lavelle Portland, Oregon

All rocks

Transformation over time. Evidence left behind for thousands of years, millions of years, or it was from yesterday. What’s it made of and how’d it get here? It’s what makes it what it is. Tssssssssst, ssssss, hhhsssss water is tossed on those hot rocks in the sauna. This place has seen many millions of high tides and low tides. Polished smooth, eroded sharply, some minerals are easily washed away while other long remain; stubborn and sharp. The sound of a hammer striking a rock can tell you something. Dang… this granite, this island is hard to smash. What an island! A week full of magical moments, beautiful views, and delicious food shared with amazing folks!

Rose Lavelle is an organizer, bike rider, multitasking Pacific Northwesterner. She lives in Portland where she studied Geology. She loves rolling around town, card games, outdoor adventures, working outside, bicycle touring and playing pool.