Sarah Darnell Ojai, CA


Leave no trace but walk away with plenty.

Technology and environmental concern are pillars of the work that I do as a designer. In Desolation Canyon I wanted to explore the idea of using accessible technology to bring home artifacts without disturbing the landscape. I used the camera on my cell phone to capture and form three-dimensional images of items ranging in size from the jawbone of a sheep to a boulder taller than myself times two. With three-dimensional data I was able to manipulate the scale of the things that I found and print a physical, smaller-than-life version, bringing the artifact home and leaving it behind at the same time.

To wear a canyon around my neck.

Sarah Darnell is a science-minded designer living in the sage-scented hills of California. Inspired by honesty and imperfection she believes that functional solutions, hard-working hands, and beautiful days keep the world running. She is currently designing apparel for Patagonia, figuring out the ocean, and earning blisters.