Bridget Frances Quinn Austin, TX


In preparation for Desolation Canyon, I brought only the necessary provisions and some magical objects: string, tiny furniture, mirrors, and cameras. I spent my time wandering, grasping onto fleeting ideas and narratives, playing, sleeping under the stars, and dreaming of the coarse tongue of a mountain lion kissing my cheek. In Desolation Canyon I played with shadows, made directional signs, a capsule of artifacts, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Bridget Frances Quinn has an intense curiosity about how people interact with landscape. This curiosity inspires her to look closely, research, play and wander. This meandering line of inquiry leads to the creation of site-specific installations, documented happenings and the construction of fictional places through painting and drawing. She is particularly affected by the fragmentation of landscapes and the places in-between, where paths cut through tiny forests and prairies, and collaborations between strangers and wildlife become visually evident. She’s also interested in examining the way space is managed and defined by bureaucratic entities. Much of her work explores expressions of human longing and isolation embedded in the environment.