Sarah Williams Los Angeles, CA


What Makes a Home?

Planters, A coffee table, Light, Art, Friends, A party

I am interested in radical homemaking in unexpected places. I examine the practices and occasions that create home for us individually and nurture us as communities. The intimate interactions of eating, sleeping, making: quiet conversations amongst those we care about and the ritualistic practices we utilize in our day-to-day that foster closeness.

I inhabited the stone house near where we camped, creating interventions in an effort to transform it into a home, installing a light fixture made from foraged plants, a rug braided from fabric purchased at the local thrift store, sculpted planters from the silt from the river, and the work of my fellow residents. The project culminated in a house party where Cyrus played music, a re-inhabiting of the abandoned space.

Sarah Williams is currently working to acquire and fix up a homesteader cabin in the California High Desert with collaborator Katie Bachler as part of their project Engaging with Home. Amongst other things, it is an exercise in complete and literal homemaking and an investigation into how we create home and the personal and social activities that surround it.