Sally England Grand Rapids, Michigan


The repetitive process of knot-work allows for plenty of brain space and long hours of contemplation. As I worked I was conscious of being in the moment and ever present to my surroundings. With timbers I gathered from the surrounding forest, 1200’ of natural cotton cord, and the moments and memories of each day, I built a shrine that once complete I left to Melody and Jim, and to the Earth.

Materials (or This Thing is Everything)

A field, a forest,
A Rusty dog, a figure made of clay,
A star gazer, a barefoot stranger, laughter in the shade
A warm hearth, a Pokey Creek, a song, a trick, a tale
Future tellers, and Melody makers, hands we know so well
Wild rabbits, a wizard’s flight, a sailor in his tower,
Gypsy Mary’s haunted tune,
and a blanket full of flowers

Sally England is a daydream believer, fibers artist, and expert knotter. She is an advocate for handwork as a meditative process, and believes in the power of fiber art to evoke nostalgia, provide solace, and transport you to other dimensions. When she’s not making something special, you can most likely find her at the beach, in the forest, or on the search for thrifted treasure.