Geoffrey Holstad Ojai, CA


Trails & Leads. Make moves, make ground, move to make. Frozen breath, dawn light, watch it fall. Take the sled, don’t forget the water. Walk to the U.P. until it’s too white to see, or too cold to be. It should be frozen all the way across, like my eyelashes. No more firetower, only the view. North Country. Porcupine. Overgrown, blown over, and trudging through the deep. Silence of the woods, defiance of the lake. Up early polar bear, but it’s not deep enough, frozen to the ground. Base camp bunk house. Take more risks.

I daily investigated the human physical limit as beyond, and the signs, effects, and consequences thereof.

Geoffrey Holstad is a native northwoods illustrator, hand-letterer, designer, creative director, printmaker, citizen meteorologist, and Shackleton-inspired optimist.