Eric Dobbins Los Angeles, California

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… Eric’s tips on the orchestration of a proper quasi mis-history??? Welp, just stumble around, scribbling notes on this and that. Take out your pipe, and take a seat next to that big hairy rock with a funny look. Stare deep into the sky, deep into the trees, deep into the ocean. Burn copal, and breathe healing air. Good. What do you hear? … And where the flip are you? … Sheep Island, right. Write “Shheeep Island … Shhh … Eeeep!” Oh, now look, a lobster claw! Grab the recorder and lay down a track called “I Lost My Lobster Claw” for a 30’s-era close harmony singing trio (all female). Don’t forget to bake your beads! Then paint ‘em pretty for Bead Mania. Now get out your buck knife and get on your long johns and get out there, son! It’s a meditative freak show romp, and fun for the whole family! Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, but then ya gotta skeedaddle. Your friends have packed your bags for you, and the silly ship is shoving off!

Eric Dobbins is an open-hearted ‘n’ open-minded fella. He’s not one to be phased … not to be taken aback … not to be zerfblelk’d. “Zerfblelk’d!? What the heck is zerfblelk’d?” Well friend, figure that one out, and you’ll have the keys to the kingdom! ‘Cause as they say, planet earth is a garden, and when we die, we return to its bed … ‘til then, visit the website below to take advantage of our wonderful offer.