Shawn Landis Seattle, Washington

held up; held down

As a small boy, I sometimes laid in bed unable to sleep, paralyzed by two distinct horrors: The first fear: INFINITY. My little brain bent and contorted while trying to visualize and comprehend the idea of infinity; the boundless, borderless, infinite reality of space itself terrified me. The second fear: MASS MURDER. I feared that a random, evil man would break into our house through my exterior, bedroom door and kill my entire family in a freakish bloodbath. Now that I am an adult and father of two little boys one of those fears has dissolved.

Shawn Patrick Landis is an artist living and thriving in Seattle, WA. His medium goals are: Materialization of Ideas utilizing Inflatables, Words, Actions, Walking, Video-Performances and Interviews. He is the Co-creator/Co-director of Rockland Artist Residency in Seattle.