Geoffrey Holstad Ojai, California

CT7 Geoff Holstadthumb

Misty-mood, loon-call, c’mon get up o’clock. The fog races the sun and usually always wins. Tide is rising, so should we. Gather damp deadfall (the deeper the drier), pile high atop stones and light. Try again. Try again. Bright red tarpaulin sauna raised by a single head-high stick, and held upright by tracing it’s perimeter with similar stones, now a beacon fixed firm on the sharp granite outcropping. Teeth chatter, crabs scatter. The mist thickens, or is that rain? Only coals now, so use the not-blistered twig-fingertips to awkwardly shimmy hot-hot stones onto the green stick stretcher for transport. Traverse the tide pools and mollusk-mounds to the sauna, rolling the hot stones into a central pile inside. Circle ‘round with more friends and less clothes, taking turns spitting water on the red-hot stones. Cold plunge, and repeat, mist-makers you!

Download the Tarp Sauna Poster (PDF)

Geoffrey Holstad is an artist, creative director, plein air graphic designer, citizen meteorologist, environmentalist and morning person. Subscriber to a strong fun ethic, bad coffee, hygge, radio, reading out loud, homemade haircuts, craft, snow, and the camaraderie when the frostbite takes hold. We’re stoked.