Billy Rueck Portland, Oregon


By combining fallen timber, regional tools, and willing participants the realization of a structure is actually quite simple. By immersing fourteen enthusiastic strangers in a foreign place excellent fodder for conversation an exploration are abound. The required adaptability when working with what is at hand never serves as a limiting factor; setting boundaries brings out the true substance of what is imbued within the inanimate tools and materials of the artist.

Billy Rueck is an artist and craftsman based in Portland, Oregon. His work focuses on the intersection between fine art and the trades, moreover, the coalescence of art and life. His simpler pleasures include smiling, participating, taking excessively long walks outdoors and collecting paperclips found on the sidewalk!

“What doesn’t bore me is the total destruction of ideas that have any discipline. Instead of painting, move your arms; instead of music, make noise. I’m giving up painting and all the arts by doing everything and anything.”

–Allan Kaprow