Geoffrey Holstad Ojai, California


En plein air at night, draw what you see, and connect dots where you can’t, from high atop the roof-top cargo van studio. Shapes on shapes on shapes. This van sometimes ferries white-water rafters to put-ins and from take-outs in the Bitteroot Wilderness, but now sits still deep in the same forests to the hum of nothing and fuzzy jazz on the weather radio. Headlamp high-beam spotlight (let your eyes adjust). Fingers get colder, coyotes get louder. Gas station venison jerky appetizers in the darkest corner of the map. Time for sleep, the community coffee pot will still be warm at first light on the corner of the woodstove. “It’s also fun”.

Geoffrey Holstad is an artist, creative director, plein air graphic designer and citizen meteorologist. He loves a strong fun ethic, bad coffee, folk traditions, reading out loud, craft, weather, and the camaraderie right before the frostbite takes hold. That air is straight from Canada, we’re stoked.